Persuasion Texts by Y6CV

Pets at School     By: Bonus

Did you ever have a pet at your school before? Well, some people say that pets are not suitable for schools but in my opinion, pets are awesome for classrooms.

Firstly, animals are playful and children who are shy can have a chance to play with them. Pets also help the kids to relax their brains, while bringing happiness to them to help them learn better. Because they are having fun, they get a better education. furthermore, children are able to take the pets home and spend time with them. Sometimes schools are boring, dull and not fun, in that case, pets are a great idea.

Another reason is that pets make children take responsibility as pets have to be cared for by the children, by the class. They know that it is not the teacher’s responsibility so when the kids grow up, they learn more about being responsible. Did you have a pet before? Did it die? It is the same of what I am arguing for. Pets die, the school buys a new one as a replacement. The children need responsibility for lots of reasons – for a job, for the future, and for their families.

In addition, when children play with the school pets they get educated as well. It teaches them how to take care of animals if they want to be a vet in the future.

Pets can be good for classrooms while helping the children learn. Pets should be allowed at schools. Don’t you agree? If you do not, I think I’m going to run away from school!

Student should not be allowed to chat in LINE by Lib

Do you think children should be allowed to chat in line? Line have some dangerous and bad benefits, but there are good benefits too! Here are my reasons.

Firstly, children can get better at grammar, typing even researching too. Some children are really awful at typing. But in Line it can help them to improve their typing, and to type faster. Some children need more practice with their grammar from a smarter friend they have. This can help children doing their researching faster and getting more ideas.

Furthermore, other children can help them if they have a problem. In fact, it is really important to do their homework but if they don’t know how to do it, they can either ask their friends or help each other out. Some children forget to write their homework in their homework diary and they have no idea what to do. Surely children can take a photo and send it, now… children’s problems are solved. Also children can lose their homework by accident, another child can send a picture of the homework sheet then they can print it out.

Lastly, children have happiness by having private time chatting with their friends in Line. They can ask each other about holidays and what interesting things they have done. They can even ask for more information from their friends. Moreover, children can have free time outside with their friends and enjoy it. Sometimes when you feel too lazy to type while chatting in Line, you have the option to call each other and talk to each other.

As you can see, Line have lots of wonderful benefits. Children can ask for help from each other or ask if they are struggling. Line can help us share information with each other. If you don’t agree with me I am going to delete all your apps on your iPad!!

IPads should be banned from school by Bank

In my opinion iPads should not be banned from school because the children can research many thing that they want to know. Also, they can get good at typing.

I think iPads is good for children because they can do more research. They can help their friends, do better research and maybe they can find the things that they want to know very fast. If their teacher can’t find out what they want to know, they can ask the children to help them too.

The second thing is that children need iPads so that they can send mails to their teacher. I think emails are very important for children because they can find a lot of interesting and useful information, so they can send their information to their teacher. In fact if children don’t know something that they are studying, they can ask their teacher in an email or they can ask their friends in email too.

The third thing is that I am very sure about is that children should be good at typing because it helps their fingers to become fast. They can help their friends’ typing too and they can teach their family about how to type very fast. I have a question I would like to ask you too: How do you feel when you play games on your iPad?

IPads are very important for the children because it can help them to do research, send emails and improve their typing speed.

Kids should help with household chores   by Mook  

Do you know that chores is a tradition in many families? It is a benefit because children can learn more responsibility. Don’t insist on perfection! Don’t delay on the child’s age. Don’t worry, TAKE HEART!

Firstly, chores are a kind of physical exercise. This helps children to prevent the increases of weight. Children do nothing, nothing – NOTHING but play games and watch television all weekend. Doing chores gives children a very good mood, making them feel happier, as well as relaxing them. Also, chores decrease the risk of many diseases, especially the cardio diseases.

Additionally, chores teach children more responsibility. Mr Rodger W. Mclntire, University of Maryland psychology professor and the author of ”Raising Good Kids in Tough Times ” , says that children can make their own daily schedule in their future work very easily when used to doing chores. Children feel impress and confident of themselves when completing the chores successfully, moreover, they feel more “adult like” and feeling more independent.

Furthermore, children can build up a good relationship in their family. “We feel like a warm, big and happy family when we do chores, “says some Owen’s children, Olivia and Dean Owen.” I have more time to talk to my mom, “converses a young boy, “we both start to understand and love each other more and more. That is what I call a family. ”

Some people may agree on this point of view, however, some might not. Parents would be really proud if their child/children do household chores. It is just the thing our moms and dads would be happy of.

Pets in classroom by Mok

Some people might say that pets in classroom is a horrible idea but in my opinion it is a good idea. Here are my reasons why.

Firstly, it will help students work harder since teachers will choose hardworking, kind and caring students to look after the pet. Students will want to take care of the pet therefore they will work harder. They also will have to take care of the pet at home so they will have to work hard even during the weekends.

Secondly, they will have more responsibility because they will have to take care of the pets during the weekends. They also have to feed the pet, so it is their responsibility. They also will also have to make sure that the pet won’t run away.

Thirdly, it will help them decide if they should have a pet or not. If they want a pet they could take care of the class pet and if they don’t like it, they do not need to buy a pet. This will also help parents decide if their children should have a pet or not. It will also help the children decide what kind of pet they want.

Therefore, in conclusion, there are many advantages of why pets in classroom is an excellent idea. I think that you will agree with me. Don’t you?

I Pads should be banned from school by Prae

I disagree that IPads should be banned from school. For example IPads can help children to do their research quicker than the school computer. Also, if IPads are banned from schools how can Children learn and research or practise their skills. Here are my reasons of why I think that I-Pads should not be banned from schools.

Firstly, children can practice their skill of typing and learning by using electronic devices. Moreover, if children want to do research for some of their work how could they work without electronic devices? Furthermore, if they can use their IPads it can help them with their tenses and some writing skill because some apps have spelling and grammar checkers.

Secondly, children can use their IPads to do their homework and it can also help them to have fun with their activities, such as Mathletics, Education City, Studyladder and many more. Also, if they can use their IPads at school some of the children will be able to concentrate more on their learning by using applications on the IPads. Therefore, they can use them to help them to do their school work and also their homework so much better.

Additionally, they can use their IPads to do research or their activities on their own electronic devices. Moreover, children can work faster and quicker with their research, for instance in the room or also outside the classroom. As you can see children can have fun by using some of the learning application to help them to focus. It can help the children to become a better learners.

For these reasons I-Pads should not be banned from schools, because I-Pads can help the children practicing their skills and have fun with their work in school. Don’t you agree?

Student should not be allowed to chat in Line by Mew

Should student be allowed to chat in Line? Of course not, I totally disagree with it. Student should not be allowed to chat in Line, so I will explain my reasons to you.

Firstly, children like to type bad words to their friends in Line. When children get annoyed and angry, they might have a quarrel or some argument with their friends and then they sometimes start to use bad language.  Bad words can hurt children’s feelings. They will feel awful, ashamed, sad, and angry. Children learn bad words and sometimes they follow their friend by saying bad words too.  This can cause bullying or sometimes fighting.  Will you not feel bad if this happen to you?

Furthermore, children can get chain messages and being bullied from someone.  If they get bullied and parents do not know about it, children will feel nervous and scared. If they get the chain messages, maybe they will do what the message says because children are still to young and can’t choose the right way.  Chain messages sometimes forced children to do something bad because they feel threaded and think they might get bad luck if they do not do what the message ask them to do.

In addition, children get addicted to Line.  Lots of children can’t finish with their homework because they chat with their friends.  Children that chat with their friends find it is hard to adjust themselves with the society.  They chat with their friends almost all the time when they feel like chatting.  They like to chat at lunch time, bedtime and during their homework study!!

As you can see, I disagree that students should be allowed to chat in Line.  I hope that I have given enough reasons about this topic.  If you don’t agree with me, I will fly to the moon!

Pets in a classroom is not a good idea by Book

I disagree with it that pets in a classroom is not a good idea because we can play with them when we are feeling lonely. If we have free time we can play with it too. We need to learn about animals and we can look at our pets to learn.

Firstly, we can share our pets with others and let them take care and look after them. We can be sedulous by bringing the pet back to school because you need to share with others. If you are bored or lonely, you can have fun with your pet by playing with it. For example watching it, shower it, running with it and feeding it too. And if you don’t feed it the pet will die. AS you probably know, you need to remember to feed it every day. In this way, you learn to a responsible person.

Furthermore, we can learn how to look after that pet too. For example, how much water do they need every day? If it is fish, they eat twice day – in the morning and in the  evening. If we look after it for a long time then we will be an expert. Additionally, we will know how to teach it how to be cute or naughty.

Surely, we all need to learn about animals. Therefore we can use classroom pets to learn. For example we can learn about which animals like to do what, like playing or running.  Additionally, sometimes we need to know how fast, how big or how much it weighs. By taking care of it, it too can be useful in learning. Some fish like milk but some like fish’s food. However, if we look after it we will soon know which pet likes what.

I think that pets in the classroom is an awesome idea because it can make us having fun and put us in a good mood when we come to school.

iPads should be banned from schools! by Mont

They said that IPads should be banned from schools but in my opinion, I absolutely disagree with this idea. I have some excellent reasons to support my point of view.

Although, we are all smart, iPads can help us with our learning by finding information that we don’t understand or are confused about. Also, iPads are very small and they can be put in a school bag easily while a computer is very large, uncomfortable and heavy.

To support my point of view, I also thinks that IPads are very small so it is light to carry but computers are very heavy and large. Also, iPads are very easy and quick to start up but computers take a considerable long time to start-up and shutdown. If you think that computers are more suitable than iPads, I’ll move to America!

Furthermore, I believed that iPads are more suitable for downloading applications for learning or studying than computers. Also, iPads have no viruses to be detected in any applications while computers can be broken for downloading programs when viruses are inside. So do you want to buy a new expensive computer and not an iPad?

For these reasons, I hope that my arguments will make a big impression to stop people from banning iPads from schools. IPads are just so much more practical and versatile than computers.

Students should not allowed to chat on LINE by I-Rak

Why these days people could think that students are too young to chat on LINE, is beyond me. Is it that bad? I think student should be allowed to chat in LINE. Here are my arguments:

LINE is a good application for chats, free calls and video calls. During the weekend, students may talk with their friends in LINE. Sometime, some students go on a trip, and they want to tell their friends. They can tell in private chats or even in their group. If students want to plan a vacation with their friends, they can also plan it in LINE. If the students are uncomfortable with typing, they can even call their friends with LINE FREE call. FREE call is good, isn’t it?

In addition, students can ask about their homework in LINE. There are lots of times that students don’t understand the homework and then they can ask their friends in a chat or groups. Every time when their teachers give students a group task, they can communicate or talk to each other in LINE. Also, if their friends forget worksheets at school, they can be nice and take a photo of it and send it in LINE. This is why they make good application like this! It is helpful, awesome and the best!

Furthermore, LINE is a very good place to announce things. They can announce it is their birthday or special events. Surely, you don’t want your friends to forget special costumes for the special days. You can announce it on LINE. For example, if their teacher said they need to bring an apron for doing art, you can announce those things on LINE’s Timeline.

In conclusion, I have given you lots of reasons about the advantages of LINE, but most importantly, it is FREE and everybody can download it. If you think that those reasons are silly, I would keep on typing this letter with even more reasons until you agree with me!!

I-pad should be banned from school by Indy

I am writing this to say that I do not agree that I-pads should be banned from school. I strongly disagree and here is why I don’t go along with this idea.

Firstly, I am going to talk about taking photo. When children are at school and the teachers have a task about taking photo, then the children can use their iPads to take photos. In addition, children can take a photo of their beautiful artwork at school and show it to their parent to make them feel proud of them. Moreover, they can take a photo and keep it as a memoir for when they are grown up.

In addition, I am going to talk about researching stuff in school. So when we have a task to research stuff in school, we can use our iPads. Also, when the ICT labs are unavailable we can use our iPads because our school ICT lab are most of the time occupied. In addition, children can work independently on their own and create incredible, amazing and interesting presentations.

Finally, I am going to talk about how children can work quicker and get their work done. IPads help children to work more quickly than usual. Furthermore, if the internet is not working, we can use our 3G or our own internet to work more quickly. Moreover, they don’t need to wait for teachers to check their work, they can just send the work in an email or share it in Google docs with the teachers and then they can check it when they have time.

In conclusion I believe that iPads should definitely not be banned from schools because it help children to complete their work so much better. Don’t you think that I am right?

Pets in a classroom is not a good Idea by WanJern

I think that pets should be allowed to come to school. Here are my reasons.

At play time we can let our pets run and play with us. If we are not allowed to let our pets come to school they will be bored and stay in the cage for a very long time until we get home. Maybe nobody will feed them or that person forget to feed them because they are so busy with their homework and don’t have any time to play with them.

In my opinion, pets should be allowed to come to school and I think that if we bring them to school the pets will not be lonely. Also, I think that if we bring our pets to school the pets will not be lonely anymore. I have a feeling that the pets are lonely and they also want to play with their owners.

I am sure that all the pets are house trained.  Their owner teach them. Some people believe that pets will do something silly, and messy. Sometime pets have feeling too. It is quite sad seeing them lonely inside their cages.

It is certainly a very good idea to bring our pets to school. If the pets are allowed in our school they don’t have to be lonely anymore. So the best thing to do is to let them stay at our school.

For these reasons I think that our pets can come to school. The children can spend time with them longer at school, so the pets don’t have to be lonely anymore. So can we bring our pets to school? If you do not agree with me I will flood this school with my tears …

Books are Better than Television by Prow

In my opinion, I think that books are better than television. Here are my amazing arguments to support my point of view.

Firstly, if children watch too much television, they will not do anything else. So if they find a show that they like and they haven’t done their homework yet, they won’t finished it. Furthermore children might not go outside to play or exercise and instead stay in their rooms all day which is really unhealthy. As a result of this they would not have any more friends and be isolated from the society.

Secondly, books actually give us information but on television people mostly watch entertainment and avoid the informational programs. Moreover if you read books you will mostly learn or get better at something, for example, you might learn how to make a berry homemade pie or get better at English. Also, books take less time because you might get tired or bored with the book you are reading and then put it down and continue reading it later. You will go and do something else when you get tired of reading. But in the case of watching television I would be like “Can I see the show first please?” also, it will never end!

You can take books anywhere and you would not be sad to miss an episode of TV, and have your friend talk all about it. And one more thing books can fit in anywhere!!! So that means reading anywhere. In the car, on a trip, and even on the bus or playground.

So in conclusion, I think that books are better than television. I hope I have given you enough reasons to believe me. So I think that my arguments are really good and I hope you agree with me. Do you??

Ipads should be banned from schools by Ice

Do you agree that iPads should be banned from schools? Some believe that iPads should be banned from schools but in my opinion iPads should not be banned from schools because iPads also have advantages. If I can’t bring  my iPad to school I will burst into flames!!!

First of all, it helps children to research quicker and faster. For an example, when we need to research about space, it will be quicker and easier than having to flip through a book. Furthermore, when students have to do a presentation on a topic for their classmates, some do not have any knowledge about the topic. What should they do? What will they feel if they do not help their classmates to do the work? They would feel awful. In addition, if their teacher ask the students to look up a word in a book, would it not be much faster to use iPads?

Secondly, our computer lab is not available at any time, therefore it is easier to have iPads. In my opinion if the computer lab is full, the students can just take out their iPads and work on their project, presentation or tasks. Moreover, the students do not need to waste their time to line up and walk down to the computer and walk back to the classrooms. In addition if the computers are broken or they need to update its programme, would it not be easier to use iPads?

Finally, the students can share documents or their group work in their iPads. For this reason, if two of the students work together they can share a document and work on the same presentation at the same time. Some believe that laptops cannot share a document to iPads but actually they can share a document together so it is easier for the students who have laptops. Lastly, with students able to sharing a document, together they will finish their work much faster.

Therefore in conclusion iPads should not be banned from schools because there are not only disadvantages but also advantages. It is clear that iPads have more advantages than disadvantages. Don’t you agree?

Pets In Classrooms are a Good Idea by Leena

In my opinion, pets in a classroom is an excellent idea. Therefore, I agree that we can have a pet in the classrooms. Here are my reasons:)

I’m sure that children would love coming to school if there are pets in the classroom, maybe kids will wake up early and come to school quicker. Having pets in the classroom is very exciting and children will like school more.

My second reason is when it is free time, children can play with the pets. You can have small pets in classroom which, is a good idea. Some believe that a pet is a bad idea because some children might have allergies.

Pets are cute and useful because you don’t need to go outside to the zoo, you can learn in your classroom, so it is a good idea. Also, children can feed them food and know what they eat much better.

Pets can stay in the classroom to make children have more fun and come to school in a better mood.

Pets in a classroom is not a good idea by Betagen

I disagree that pets in a classroom is not a good idea.When you have a pet you will know what to do with your pet when you are  grown up.

Firstly, you will know more about animals and how to take care of them. If, for example, we have a hamster or a fish in the classroom you will have to take care of them. If you feed them you will know what they like to eat, how much and what kinds of food they eat. Moreover, you will know what or if they like to play and what their habitats are.

Secondly, you can play with pet when you are lonely or feeling upset. For example, if your best friend is not at the school you can play with the classroom pets. Pets are often loving, caring and likes attention.When your work is finished and you have some free time you can play with your pet. Furthermore, you can do research about the pet or take a picture with the pet when you are lonely or bored.

Finally, why I think pets in a classroom is a excellent idea, is that they can teach you responsibility and how to get on with each other. For instance you and your classmate will have to share the pet you will learn not to be selfish. We need to clean the pet’s home and environment and that will teach us to be responsible. In addition, we will look forward to come to school with the pet in the classroom

Surely everyone will agree that a pet in the class is just good for us, it‘s a wonderful idea! Don’t you agree with me?